Terrified of Helicopters

by Jane Ann
(New Philadelphia, Oh)

TVHS 1986

TVHS 1986

I too am terrified of helicopters! When I hear one, I am in the hall closet (no windows) until it passes. If I am outside, I get inside ASAP and if I cannot get inside, I can tolerate some sort of overhang. We live in a Life Flight path from Columbus to Akron/Cleveland so this is a weekly thing. I am on anxiety medication.

Last summer, I was outside with a group of people and the military helicopters came in low, doing tricks and showing off. I remember needing to get to my car as there weren't any places to hide inside or under. I know I passed out three times to the car and my husband took me straight to my counselors office where I slept (having taken a double dose of anxiety medication), I woke up two hours later with my last recollection being that of the helicopters coming into view. I do not remember getting to the car or anything else for two hours.

I have a fear that the helicoptors will come and hover and look into my windows and listen in. I have a vague recollection of this being in a movie.

I also had an experience as a toddler where my uncle whet up in a helicopter with Santa Clause and my family said I was scared to death and screamed the whold time.

When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I dreamed CONSTANTLY that helicopters were chasing us and I would be running down a dirt road with no shelter, holding on to her trying to get away. There always was a bathtub turned upside down that she and I got under until it passed. Once she was delivered, I never had that dream again.

I sure do wish I could figure this out. My children are old enough to realize that momma has a serious problem with helicopters, I don't want to transfer my fear to them. I haven't any problems with airplanes.

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