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Me Too
by: Anonymous

I drove for 25 years with no problem. I was under a lot of stress being out of work. Then one day I had a panic attack on an expressway ramp. A year and a half later, I can't drive on the expressway or over any bridge at all. I tried pills and therapy but they were of no help. If anything it just made things worse and my condition just continued to deteriorate. Who are we when we lose our self confidence and self esteem. My situation is so bad I have often thought of suicide.

25 years of no bridges
by: Anonymous

My fear of driving over bridges started 25 years ago when my wife first told me she was pregnant with our first child, The excitment soon changed to axiety. I also quit smoking and I feel that had a big part of it , Anyway 25 years later and I still can not drive over bridges

Fear of driving over bridges
by: Anonymous

I am terrified of driving over bridges as well. I have been dealing with this for about 10 years now and my husband doesn't know about it. I only told a select few to spare my feelings from inconsiderate people. This fear has taken my freedom, I feel trapped. No one really understands unless they have experienced it. The really hard part for me is the inability to take my children places or go on trips by ourselves, because of the need for someone else to drive. I am tired of making up excuses for not attending functions or visiting people. It is getting bad and I am sick of it!!!!!

Panic Attacks on Bridges
by: Dee

Like Stacy my bridge phobia has just in recent weeks went from high bridges to now almost any bridge and even high over passes. I make my living on the road so this is something I have to get in control of really soon.
I have thought about trying what you suggested Anonymous , howevger I just cant get the courage to try it. I feel like I could possibly black out or have a heart attack at the top of the bridge. My fear is that I'm going to fall off somehow.
I just found and ordered on the internet the "driving fear" program. It has a 100% guarantee to work and the testimonials say that most start getting results in 2 weeks.
Let me know how you were able to go over bridge the first time. I know your idea will probably work , its just getting on the bridge the first few times. any other ideas or comments are appeciated.

by: Anonymous

I had the same problem when I was overwhelmed with things going on in my life. I knew it was irrational so I kept telling myself that this fear has nothing to do with reality. Then I took it by the horns - by going over bridges about 100 times. First I said "what is the worst thing that could happen?". Answer: losing control of the car or having a panic attack. So I said to myself I could just turn on my emergency lights and go 5 mph, pretending to experience car trouble. I started off going slow with the emergencies on, gradually working up to regular speed. Took a long time, but I got over the fear.

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