Terrified of broken dolls

by Karen

Is their anybody out there who is terrified of broken dolls? I discovered this fear when I was 3 or 4, when I was playing with a Barbie doll; (keep in mind, I wasn't afraid of dolls at that time) and the Barbie doll which I was playing with, it's leg broke off, and thats when I discovered my fear of Broken dolls; I literally jumped a mile when it broke off and of course ran away at the speed of light. I didnt return until my mother fixed the doll and placed it back on the "Barbie" shelf where it collected dust for several years.I had a nightmare about the doll that night.

Since then, the fear didn't stop me from playing with barbies, but it sucked because I was really gentle with them, making sure to not break them; because that was my biggest fear. Their were a several times when one "Skipper" doll's head flew off for no reason at all, which of course gave me that sick feeling in my stomach and I flew out of the room until someone fixed it. Of course even at that young age I knew there was nothing to fear about broken dolls, but I think these fears are something people are born with and cannot be explained.

Throughout my child-hood I made a conclusion that I was afraid of plastic dolls with hollow insides, because Im not afraid of Porcelain dolls that have soft bodies stuffed with cotton or stuffing of some sort.

There is a cure, and it's the only cure. The cure I discovered was to familiarize myself with a broken doll, like the "Skipper" Barbie thats head was still loose on it's shoulders (Once Barbie heads fall off they really cant be fixed)So in other words is to face your fears; My mother would gently lead me to the doll and ensure me that there's nothing to be afraid of, then she wold gently remove the head off and show me the insides. Of course the sick stomach feeling would return, like I was free-falling but then eventually I would get used to the head-less doll, until the fear would completly dissipate.

Im a college student now, and of course since all the kids at the house are grown up, the Barbies are packed in the garage. I still will not go anywhere near that Barbie-bin. So the cure is to just hang around the broken dolls until the fear is completly gone,but which I only did when I was a kid; now If I probably saw a broken Barbie I would probably jump a mile. It's going to stink when I have a kid one day who wants to play with dolls.

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