Terrified of Breaklights

by Brianna
(Delta, BC, Canada)

I am absolutley terrified of breaklights. When I'm driving and the person in front of me steps on there breaks I have to step on mine. It's an instant reaction.

I am a strong believer of the 2 second rule and I follow it religiously. I have been in a few accidents 2 of them were because the person behind me was following to close. Both times I didnt know I was going to be hit. I have never had any permenant damage exept a black eye and concussion.

Now whenever I see breaklights I immediatley step on the break and check my rearview to check if i am going to be hit. I dont slam on the breaks or anything. I am a great driver. I havent been in an accident in like 7 years (probably because i am so cautious).

The biggest problem is when I am a passenger in a car I spend the whole time in a panic. My heart palpitates and I become really short of breath. I try not to look at the road when I am a passenger because if the person infront of me breaks and my driver doesnt step on the breaks i become all vaclempt. I dont want to be a backseat driver so I try my hardest not to say anything and hit the pretend break on the floorinfront of me. It is slowly killing me! When I come back from a drive when I am the passenger I am exausted!

I just want to laydown and calm myself my heart and mind. I have looked it up on the internet but i cant find a fear of breaklights only the color red and i have no problem with the color red not even red intersection ights just breaklights. What can I do honestly I am exsausted....

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