Terrified of balls

by Gemma

I am terrified of balls. I can't watch people play any ball sport near me.

This year in our P.E. class we have volleyball as the main sport. The first match was yesterday, and I skipped the class saying I wasn't feeling really well. It worked for that day, but I know it won't tomorrow, nor the rest of the year.

I always step aside from balls coming my way unconsciously, covering my face and screaming. I can't help it.

I can't catch them. I've suspected I've got problems with my depth perception, as I catch the air more to the left or right, but never in the direction the ball is coming.

I thought it was fear of getting hit by them, as I wear glasses (nearsighted)and they could hurt me, and I've always been like a magnet for balls.

But I'm afraid of them just bouncing around, and I remember being afraid of them in my childhood, even before I got hit for the first time.

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