Terrified of Abandoned Buildings. A Phobia With No Scientific Name...?

by Charlotte-Erin

I am absolutely terrified of abandoned buildings. You get the general criteria for diagnosing a phobia; nausea, heavy breathing, sweating, etc etc. Well I get all this and more. It first happened when I was really young, like 9 or 10 and we were walking to my Grans house. She usually drove us there but she wasn't feeling well (hence our visit)We walked past this old school building. The windows were boarded up and windows that weren't were smashed. It was covered in graffiti and the doors were barred. And as we passed I swear I saw someone. Lots of people have told me it was probably just someone graffiting or a trick of the light. But ever since, I've been terrified of being alone in the house, I will literally start to cry if I see an abandoned building and if on foot when passing I can become really light headed and sick. One time my friend got so concerned about me that she tried to convince me to go to hospital. I was fine once it was behind me.

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