Terrified by Pidgeons

As far as I remember, I have always been Terrified by Pidgeons. I live in Venice, so it is not easy at all. I can handle just a couple of them if they are more than 10 metres away. But if they come closer or if there are more I completely panick. I go away. And if I don't, my mouth becomes dry, heart beats faster, I can't think or move and I start crying covering my face with my hands.
It is awful, I can't stay in parks and simply lay or have a picknic. I live in Venice and I am not able to cross S.Mark Square without someone guiding me while I keep my eyes closed. I can't eat or drink in the outdoors of a bar or a restuarant.
This fear will never go away. There is no reason, I have never been attacked or suffered a bad experience with pidgeons. They terrify me. Period. I know they are harmless and they flew away if you make them, people make fun of me, my own parents didn't even believe me unil I was an adult!

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