Terrible phobia of breaking my neck

by ALF
(Mid Atlantic)

I have a very intense fear of breaking my neck and dying or becoming paralyzed. I can't watch any tv shows or movies with scenes involving neck breaking or I will have a panic attack and get sick to my stomach.
It's gotten so bad that I constantly fear sleeping because I'm afraid I will break my neck while moving around at night. I also fear driving on bumpy roads because my neck will gets jostled around and I am constantly having panic attacks while I am at the gym.
My first panic attack associated with this phobia happened during a yoga class where I attempted to do a shoulder stand. Ever since then I have been terrified of doing any type of stretching excercise which involves my neck, doing a forward bend of any kind (because my neck is hanging), doing situps (because of resting head on the floor or putting any tension on the neck), or doing most yoga positions like any sun salutations because of the involvement of the neck.
I also strongly fear any touching of any kind directed to my neck. This includes strong hugs, noogies, head locks (my younger brother does this to me to tease me), or massages that get anywhere remotely close to my neck.
I get a rush of anxiety every time my neck makes a popping noise (like cracking your knuckles) or when I must turn my head in the car to see oncoming traffic or to check my blind spot.
I'm 25 years old and this is severely affecting my life.

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