Terrible horrifying fear of taxidermy

by Vettie
(West coast..Califonia)

alright people, i am 17 going on 18 living with this terrible horrifying fear of taxidermy.. i am happy to know i'm not as weird for this as i thought i was. it is not a comfortable feeling walking into a room or a buliding feeling paranoid you will come across something scary. my mom,dad,grandparents & myself all hate this fear.

i feel like it holds me back from living life.. here are some ways and places i know will have a head or two or even a full body taxidermy figure: if its a cabin looking place like AJ Spurs, if it has Indian attire or decor,most likely if it has the word "lodge" in it, if it is a steak house, if there are antlers, or if you feel sick to your stomach as you approach the location. i have learned to go with my gut most of the time because of the many times i have been lied to just to get in the place and not embarrass who I'm with. like i give a rat's ass!!!!

even my 5 year old sister makes me feel like a wimp because of it. i am afraid for my life when i have to see that stuff. i think it started when i was like 3 years old, i was in Santa Luis Obispo with my grandma shopping and she wanted to go to this burger joint for lunch. as soon as she let me see in the door i saw a giant Moose head sitting there over the cash register station & i put my feet down so she couldn't push my stroller any further into the resturant.

Another incidents after that include class field trips in elementary school to Museums, Niagara Falls, Mother's day when my nana wanted to go to a steak house that has Moose antlers & a Boar head, Big 5 when they used to have animal heads by the hunting gear & family reunions in the Elk's Lodge!

this goddamn fear is eating my life up like a disease!!!!!!! Thank You for reading this to understand a little more of what we go through. i enjoyed reading everyone's stories

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