Terrefied of sharks

by Casey
(FLW Missouri)

So I am a 25 year old mother to two awesome little kids, I am a wife to one of Americas FINEST soldiers in the United States Army, AND I am TERRIFIED of sharks.
As far back as I can remember I can remember the fear in my mind everytime i see water, that there may be a shark living in it. Freshwater, saltwater, ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, even my own FISHTANK. YES i was scared to put my hand in my saltwater fishtank because of the fear that a baby shark could have survived packaging, shipping and made it to my house in the live sand. Silly i know, but i could very vividly see my hand getting chomped off at the nub the moment i touched the water. I LOVE to fish, BUT my fear keeps me under constant anxiety when I get to water with low visibility of water that is of any depth. I dont like to swim in streams because i fear that some unknown species of FRESHWATER shark may live in that stream and have its keen little beady eyeballs of torrent unpon my soon to be mauled and eaten flesh. Did I mention i live in MISSOURI!!! When i swim, i prefer to stay in the shallow end bc when i find myself in the deep end i have the fear that a shark may be in the pool with me. I refuse to go to the ocean now, after almost suffering a terminal panic attack on a shuttle vessel from a cruise ship to land. Yeah entire time on cruise ship was spent as far away from the edge as possible and almost always intoxicated, simply to ease the anxiety, and fact that i was in fact a hot and ready MRE floating around on a boat waiting for a taker...... I cant look at pictures of sharks without vividly FEELING their razor shark teeth slicing through my flesh. I feel the violent gnashing on their teeth splintering my bones everytime i see a photo even. I think I need help, what do you think?

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