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not alone
by: Anonymous

I've just posted my own phobia of monsters. But my fear of monsters does tie in with your fear of being alone. I dont ever want to be alone because thats when im at my most vulnerable and i find that unacceptable. I'm not close with any of my family and i dont have many friends. and the ones i do have dont visit me often for various reasons. I definatly relate with you on feeling like someone wont like you once they get to know you. I've always been self consious and my self esteem isnt the best. If it wasnt for my husband and best friend i wouldnt have the confidence to even talk to people. So your definatly not alone in this and im sure your a very amazing person that could have tons of friends if you gave them a chance. :)

you're not alone!
by: Renee

I know hoe you feel all too well. I've been suffering with the same problem since 1989 and I am now 45 years old.
Best thing I can recommend is a trusting roommate who works from home and likes being home. I am not past this at all and it's hard to imagine being left alone and how it would feel. If you ever need to talk feel free to email me at shesaldy at

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