Teenage emetophobe

by Charlie
(West midlands,England)

I remember the moment i got emetophobia.I was 12,(i'm 15 now)and saw a girl throw up on my bus.And that was it.

Now i fear doing simple things because of my emetophobia, like going on an aeroplane or ferry, in case i throw up or see someone else throw up.I always wake up before school and feel sick, because i be afraid of people in my class feeling or being sick, or myself publicly throwing up.

It can get really irritating!!!! But i've just got used to it. Also, it has made me have excess sweating and nausea, mainly in the morning, then it goes away during the day.

I haven't told anyone because they would think it's just stupid and weird. I haven't even told my parents.

I've been looking on the internet for techniques or methods i could use so the phobia will go away. so, if anyone has any advice or tips on how to get rid of my phobia, that would be gr8!

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