How To Cure Techno Phobia Easily?

You develop or prosper in life along with technology and techno phobia is a sort of hindrance in life’s progression.

Such a phobic condition always pushes you to back seat, as you are afraid to proceed further and deal with technical complications.

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Fear of technology affects your level of confidence and so you feel afraid to grip several technical equipments like computer, cell phone and other technical devices.

Some most usual signs and symptoms of techno phobia are:

  • Fast or hasty guzzle of air

  • Extreme perspiration

  • Squatness of regular breathing

  • You feel anxious and apprehensive

  • You have irregular heartbeats

  • You suffer from nausea and queasiness

At times, technophobia is also referred to as Fear of Technology, Technostress and the most usual term is Fear of Computers.

This particular instance of phobia not only ruins your healthy relationship with family members and compeers, it also depreciates or worsens your ability to perform well in professional areas.

Techno phobia causes frequent panic attacks and ultimately you feel completely annoyed and exhausted.

Certain therapy related treatments regarding techno phobia require ample patience and time. Under this treatment, the victim frequently needs to be exposed to the specific phobic condition.

Such a procedure for combating phobic conditions is pointless and futile and it does nothing other than making situations more complicated and worse.

There are several technical apprehensions, but the most usual ones are:

  • Problem in your cash related activities at the bank. You have the tendency to deal with a lever bank tailor rather than going for Automatic Teller Machine

  • Problem in the way you handle a computer

Often there is technostress when there is an abrupt change in the environment. You feel immensely stress free and contented under a specific professional milieu. You feel afraid to say yes to sudden alterations because you are quite afraid to encounter challenges in form of changes.

Techno phobia can never be cured with drugs and medicines. Such stuffs only bring about a temporary reduction in the condition.

How to cure your phobia?
The best way is to train your mind by following certain self-help NLP techniques so that you can focus in life with more confidence and ease.

Self-help NLP techniques teaches you how to deal with the unconscious region of your mind and liberate it from the unpleasant burden of techno phobia.

Self-help NLP is a process to reprogram your mental “constructs”. In this way, you are able to bring about a successful reduction in your condition of phobia.

When you are ignorant and unfamiliar, you tend to suffer from techno phobia. Have you ever asked yourself that why are you afraid to face techno challenges in life. This is simply because you are usually unaware and without any information.

Don’t try to be ignorant in such cases; for here ignorance is no way bliss, it is a terrible folly. Get introduced to latest technologies and prepare yourself to deal with the best.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
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