Taxidermy Phobia

by Lily

It started when I was about 4 and visited my uncle´s house where they had an squirrel and a dasypodidae (armadillo) and I just couldn´t help but stare at them in hopes they wouldn´t move and jump over me. My cousin noticed the look of fear from me and started teasing me, I told him to stop and I became aware of that fear. There was a pet shop that had a St.Bernard Dog and Roosters and we always had to walk by it when going from school to home. I would have dreams of Huge Lion Heads and full body stuffed as well, they were the worst. This Phobia has a bit of a twist when in High School I also became aware of my fear of museums during a field trip and it involved Taxidermy as well, I felt ridiculous because everyone else seemed normal but I just wanted to drag myself with my chest on the floor out of there! One day me and my boyfriend went to the Zoo and entered a "Planetarium" building what I did not know was that we had to go through a Room full of Taxidermy and it hit me, it was more than a fear, it was a phobia. There was no other way out, no going was a round building with only one entrance and one exit. My boyfriend didn´t know and I could not control it, I dragged myself past that room in a duck position, He was like "what´s going on?" and like "are you serious?" then 2 years later we went to his Grandma´s house and she had another armadillo and I just pretended It was not there, but we spent the night and it was actually next to the room we stayed in. Fortunately that has been my last encounter with Taxidermy (3 years ago) But I still have dreams of museums and Rooms full of Taxidermy and I am just wondering how to make it stop. How do people overcome their phobias? Please Help!

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