Taxidermy Phobia...

by Brianna

My taxidermy phobia was caused by a "traumatic" childhood event. To any other it wasn't traumatic but of course for me it was. I was six and at the museum with my mom. I hadn't ever seen a taxidermy animal before and so I didnt know what the animal floor of the museum was. Like every child I ran off ahead and turned the corner face to face with a large growling grizzly bear. My mother tells me I screamed bloody murder and jumped like six feet into her arms. Since then I cannot stand anything taxidermied but naturally things with teeth bother me more than things like deer. It annoying because I live in TEXAS which is practically taxidermy capital of the world. The only thing that even slightly works for me is trying to expose myself regularly to these animals. Although fair warning, if you try it and a door opens when you are standing too close for you're comfort level a panick attack may occur. Naturally I avoid any place that looks like it would have taxidermy and when all else fails I stay on the far side of the store/restaurant.

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