Taxidermy. I am afraid of Taxidermy.

by Moriah M.



THAT'S what you're afraid of?"

I can see somebody saying that to me. But, truth be told, I have had this strange fear since I was a young girl. Now, WHY I have this fear? I will never know.

Yes, I am aware that the heads are not going to attack me.

Neither will the full mounts.

I do realize and believe with all of my heart that the stuffed animals will most certainly NOT eat me.

It's just the sight of them tears my nerves up. And by that I mean fear.

I remember around the age of 9 or 10, I was with my friend Tamera at the time. We were both the same age and we were with an older couple from our Church who babysat her when her mom was working. Now, there is a mall that is right next to a Bass Pro Shop where I'm from. Little did I know the lady that was watching Tamera and I's husband was wanting to look at fishing poles.


We pulled into the parking lot of the Bass Pro shop and my heart just starts a pounding.

Yes, I was forced to go in there obviously, since Tamera and I were too young to roam the malls ourselves.

It was awful at first but I grew used to it. I remember seeing a humongous moose head high above a couch and I remember seeing boar heads near it. Also, I remember seeing an elk head and plenty of mule deer heads aligning the walls. I even caught glimpse of the back of a grizzly bear mount.

I never. Stepped foot into a Bass Pro Shop again.

Okay, now here is a story that took place a few years later when I was about 12 or 13 years old.

There is a Preacher I once knew who had deer heads all around the walls in his office. They had been there for years but of course I never once stepped foot in there. I was friends with his granddaughter at the time and had no idea how she could ever walk in there.

Anyways, one Sunday, I noticed that the deer heads were no longer there. Was it just me or did they legit disappear?

Maybe he put them in his house or something, I concluded.

Well, one of the Preacher's daughters was throwing a birthday party for two of her children. The party was being thrown at the Bible college. I had never been there before and my family accepted the invitation of course. Plus, my close friends at the time were going to be there and so was this kid I had a crush on so of COURSE I was happy about going.

We walked up to the small, cabin-looking building and my sisters open the door to walk in.

Low and behold,

the first thing my eyes see when that door barely cracked open,

was the face of an elk head.

I froze.

I completely froze and had no idea of what to do. I was with my family so obviously I had no choice.

I remember my eyes widening and my heart beating so fast and my hands began shaking really bad.

My sister comes out of the door, "Mom! There is deer heads ALL around there!"


I got even more scared of course but, I had to face my fear anyways.

Once I got used to being in there for the first 5 or 10 minutes I felt better. Especially when I was with my friends.

Okay, well here is some more recent stories.

I am now 18 years old and on valentine's day last year, I was on a date with my (now) boyfriend Chuck. I had warned him of my fear but somewhat seemed vague about the subject so I'm sure he never thought anything of it. He always talked fondly of Hollister and Abercombie and Fitch. We went to this huge mall for once of our dates and I went to Hollister with him and afterwards, we walked to Abercombie and Fitch.


The stores would just be like any other retail store right??


As soon as we walked into A&F, I look to my right.

There. Staring STRAIGHT back at me was a dern moose head.

"Nope! Nope! Nope!" I said and walked STRAIGHT out of there. Never will I ever walk into that store again. I remember my boyfriend following me out of there asking, "What? What's wrong? You okay?" And then I had to give him an extremely detailed reason as to why I had to walk out of that store.

Good news. We're still together :)

The last encounter I had was this past summer, my boyfriend talked about this little restaurant he wanted to go to because they had really good grilled chicken. I was like, "Okay, why not?"

We walked in there and the first thing I saw was a deer head.

I gasped and my hands flew to my mouth; I turned right around and walked straight out of there.

My boyfriend now understands my fear and thankfully, he watches out for me even though I'm sure he'd like to pull a fantastic joke on me one day and scare the pahooey out of me.

But, who knows and we'll see.

One of my friends from highschool's dad is a taxidermist and has deer heads all over the living room when you first walk into the house. I would close my eyes every time until I was safely in there kitchen. (Also, another one of my stories)

Still to this day, I am scared to walk into a building I have never been in. And it's because I am terrified of seeing a deer head of any kind.


my point of this whole thing is to let people know.

You are FAR from alone.

In fact,

you are most definitely NOT alone.

And, thanks to this website, I know that now too. Not just with taxidermy but also with other things as well.

Thank you for that.

It's a fear and it's a fear that is real. It's something people do struggle with that many will not or may never understand. But, be thankful for the ones who do understand. And, be thankful you are not alone in ANY situation.

EVEN if it has to do with the fear of taxidermy.

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