Symptoms Or Characteristics Of Phobias

Awareness about symptoms or characteristics of phobias will help you to lead a healthy social life. There are a wide variety of symptoms or characteristics of phobias that varies from person to person.

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However, before attempting to learn about these symptoms, let us learn about phobias, first with special reference to social phobias.

Most of us become anxious under certain social situations, like being at the centre of attention in a public gathering. This mild anxiety is perfectly normal.

However, when this anxiety leads to fear, disrupting normal social interactions, a social phobia is said to occur.

1-2% men and 2-3% women globally exhibit various symptoms of social phobias at sometimes in their lives.

The common situations under which social phobias occur are- public speaking, meeting people, dealing with people in authority, eating in public, using public restrooms etc.

Besides social phobias, people also suffer from other specific phobias like fear of spiders, dogs, aeroplanes, flying and heights. These are collectively termed as ‘monophobia’.

The prime characteristic of any phobia is intense anxiety. The associated physical symptoms include rapid heart rate, sweating, trembling, fast breathing, muscular tension and weaknesses, butterflies in stomach, nausea and breathlessness.

The behavioural symptoms or characteristics of phobias are either fleeing from the people or ‘freezing’. The later makes the victim rooted to the spot. The victims of social phobias suffer from emotional disorders like shame, embarrassment, anger and insecurity.

Victims may suffer from negative thoughts like “That might have killed me”, “People are too reckless”, “How I looked like a fool”, “Everyone enjoyed my fumbled speech and my shaking limbs” and the like.

People with phobias react differently against the phobias depending on their body-chemistry and mental set-up. Phobia is very much treatable with NLP Self Help.

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