Does Stress Anxiety Disorder Affect Your Daily Life?

To recognize stress anxiety disorder, you must understand the link between stress and anxiety.

Stress Anxiety Disorder  woman

Stress and anxiety are two inseparable concepts and it has been noticed that most people suffering from stress disorders show signs of anxiety too.

There are various reasons for a person suffering from stress to become anxious and nervous in life. These causes may be professional, financial, troubles arising from relationships and personal bereavements.

Stress anxiety disorder is a condition caused due to the cross over of symptoms of both the specified circumstances. Some of the primary symptoms of stress anxiety disorder are chest pain, shortness of breath, feelings of desperation and sometimes even panic attacks.

Stress and anxiety, the two components of the above mentioned condition could be successfully eradicated through proper therapeutic treatments. When existential circumstances create too much stress in life you automatically tend to become anxious and tensed.

Several psychologists who have received training as life coaches can successfully take care of stress and anxiety disorder. Trained psychoanalysts always help you to step out of your problem.

The World Health Organization has defined stress as one of the lethal diseases of the 21st century. If the challenges you have to face in your life exceeds you ability or capacity to perform, you usually become a victim of stress.

You gradually become anxious when you constantly think pessimistically about the future and feel utterly stressed of not being able to full your desires in life.

Stress anxiety disorder is quite a common phenomenon among the teens. Such an abnormal psychological occurrence can be more chronic and relentless if not treated properly making use of the right form of treatment.

Some of the most significant contributing factors of stress and anxiety disorder include:

  • Biological factors
  • Stress Overload/ Lifestyle Factors
  • Childhood environment
  • Thought patterns
  • Genetic factors

An improper lifestyle habits, less hours of sleep, poor unhealthy diet and lack of regular physiological exercises may contribute a lot in creating stress anxiety disorder.

However, if you really desire to get rid of such an unfavorable situation then you should motivate yourself positively and try to bring about a drastic change in your lifestyle.

In order to eliminate harmful stressors in your life you have to be systematic and disciplined and your level of confidence should never be negatively affected.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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