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why i'm i so afraid of animal heads?
by: Anna

OMG,i never thought that i would find other people with the same thing i've always thought i was the only one and my moms always saying there not going to come off the wall and eat u or something and i'm 11 so i feel stupid when ever i go 2 the adirondacks standing outside every store with one,i just get a really weird feeing when i'm around them and i start crying and i feel like i need to get as soon as posible,i just hate it because i love the adirondacks but i cant even go in half the stores

I am scard Of them too
by: Anonymous

Im 11 i just stand there still crying i though no one else would have the same thing everyone is like Grown up there not going to hurt u

I have the same problem
by: Alyssa

I am 18 years old and I am also very afraid of animal heads on the wall, i thought it was just me. I'm happy to know that SOMEONE understands.

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