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The Phobia Release Power Pack

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The Energy Therapy Fast! Phobia Release manual comprises a host of energy enhancing techniques that contribute to the release of your phobia.

Based on renowned energy therapy techniques, the simple effective workouts involve a combination of posture and ‘conditioned’ thinking that weeds out the phobia from your body’s energy field ánd your mind.

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Phobia Release Program

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No More Fears
Your Phobia Release Manual is a remarkable find. What I have achieved in these days is thousand times more than what I have gained with the ongoing appointments with psychologists.

There are no more fears whatsoever. I feel a lot more confident and in total control of my life like never before. My life has changed completely, thanks Jan.
Sam Luke, New Jersey, U.S.A

Highly Recommended
I have tried this program and it was great. It is highly recommended. Social phobia is the worst thing to face, no one knows better than me.

I feared my workplace like anything but now I have managed my way out, all because of Jan’s NLP phobia release program.
Sharon Vaz, Singapore

The Course That Swallowed My Fears
Hi, I am Linda who has always been gutsy by nature. But could you believe it that I feared from heights right from my childhood. You could have never found me indulging in flights. Anything that had to do with heights was a definite no from me. But things have changed and for the better.

The 5 Day Phobia Release Course was just what I needed. Thanks to all of you who have fabricated the course that swallowed my fears whatsoever.
Linda Sobers, Dallas, U.S.A

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