Are You At Risk Of Spoons Phobia?

Do you suffer from Spoons phobia? Think twice, it can also be forks and spoon fear, phobia of the noise which spoons make while eating, phobia of the metal of which the spoon is made that is metallophobia, phobia of not being able to use a spoon to eat food in a social gathering and phobia of unclean spoons and ladles. Now let us analyze each of these cases of spoons phobia separately.

Jan Heering

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Forks And Spoons Phobia
When talking about this specific phobic condition you may refer to an unpleasant incident of the past when you got hurt while eating your food with spoon and fork. It might have been a sharp fork that made your gums bleed or the improper construction of the spoon made you feel uncomfortable while eating.

This phobia type is all about being afraid of getting scratched in your mouth with forks and spoons thus having a horrible lunch and dinning experience.

Noise Of Spoons Phobia
Irritating it is. Those loud cracking sounds produced when a spoon hits hard against a plate. It is against social etiquette that you should make sound with your utensils and cutleries while having your food.

However, if you are unable to control yourself from making such unpleasant noises you may suffer from anxiety and nervousness when eating in front of others.

You may think “O gosh! Why are they looking at me? May be my plates are making too much noise”. How embarrassing, isn’t it?

Spoons Phobia – Phobia Of Metal
Metallophobia creates immense problem to deal with spoons made of silver and other metals. It is a sort of inexplicable human behavior to avoid anything made of metal. Therefore, it is natural that you may deny having food with metal spoons.

Such a phobia is so intense that you may even develop the habit of roaming about with a plastic spoon in order to avoid eating outside with a ladle made of metal.

Spoons Phobia – A Social Phobia
You may feel embarrassed to eat among public using spoon, knife and fork. If you are not familiar with the art of using cutlery then it is surely quite embarrassing to handle such stuffs in front of others where your prestige is indeed a matter of concern.

You may always suffer from the fear that while attempting to make use of spoons, knives and forks you may slip and fall in trying to handle the other. O God! what a mess it would be. Moreover, if you are suffering from social phobia you may always feel anxious of being criticized and ridiculed.

Spoons Phobia –Phobia Of Unclean Spoons And Ladles
If you are hygiene phobic, it is very difficult for you to manage with spoons and ladles in public restaurants and pubs. You may always have the feeling that the utensils are contaminated and if used can lead to serious health hazards. Especially your extra conscious about the spoon, which comes in direct contact with your mouth.

To avoid such circumstances you have the tendency to carry your own spoon with you wherever you may go. Now, this is quite irritating and may be termed as spoons phobia because you cannot be the most hygiene conscious individual in this world.

Treatment Of Spoons Phobia
Phobia of spoons can be aptly treated with Neuro Linguistic Programming. From NLP’s viewpoint, spoons phobia is an inert condition of your psychology, which you have created yourself.

The best way to combat this condition is to reconstruct and reprogram your mind and eliminate the illogical fear of spoons. In most cases, NLP interventions are quite rapid and effective.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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