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I hate spit ...ew
by: Anonymous

I know people who spit are dirty fuckin bastards who need to cover there freakin pie whole when they talk.they don't care when they do it to others as long as its not them being done to them so I do it back to them ,let them know how it feels.

Can you differ whats parentesia and whats real spit?
by: Spit hater

paresthesia is false physical sensation, like you feel something is crawling on your skin and there's nothing visible.

My question is.. can you make a difference if someone is talking to you and you feel this sensation lets say in your forehead that its a spit drop or false sensationĂ…?

by: Joeleigh

Spit is the most discusting thing on the whole planet!!!

had my first panic attack
by: kccowy

My boyfriend thinks its funny to pin me down and lick me. In my ears, on my face, arms.... I litterally wanted to rip off my skin, I dry heaved and cryed.. I'm still shaking... I'm a care taker and I carry arond hand sanitizer b/c it isn't just spit it's skin.. I can't rub lotion on people... I can't scratch a back b/c i can feel the dead skin gather under my finger nails. I hate this feeling.. Like I've been violated. I wish that getting exposure to it mmade it better.. it doesn't , I feel it's getting worse :-(
I can however put lotion on my 3 year old, I can't do his boogers, vomiting and drooling.
I can kiss but extra saliva I can't, sex I'm fine with and skin if I'm sexually attracted to someone still can't scratch an itch for them though.I wonder if any one else's is so sever that they have panic attacks?

I hate, hate, hate it
by: Anonymous

I just hate it when people spit on me. I try to wipe it off, sure, and mostly I can pretend to not care. But that's not true! Inside, I keep thinking about-- what if a little globule of spit got in my hair and I didn't even know it? On my arm? On my jeans, where I couldn't feel it? I get so anxious about it, and sometimes I just explode. One time, my sister came up behind me and started talking in a spitting manner, and I got worried that she might have spit on me. So I got very mad at her, nervously, and just yelled at her at the top of my lungs. I just hate the anxiety, and I automatically start hating the person who gives me the anxiety. I freak out so badly, and I'm always on the watch for it... It's a major part of my life, and many times, my relationships with other people have deteriorated because of this phobia.

Still spitting
by: Anonymous

I have had the worst luck with spit this year too! I counted how many times I got spit on last year it was about 19 times! That is way too much for someone like me that gets horrible anxiety from it! I used to not be affected from my dogs getting spit on me. I don't freak out if they lick me. They have barked recently and sprayed me and that gave me anxiety. I feel like I am getting worse. It's such an awful habit to have. Sure it's simple for people that don't care or it wouldn't bother them that much. I don't think anyone should get spit on. Of course it is an accident but sometimes I feel so much anger and annoyance! I had thought I felt my teacher spit on my hand the other day. She leaned and talked and I thought so fing annoying! I sit in the back for a reason not for you to even be a a foot near me because you spit! She has spit on me like numerous times now! Yuck! I think older people spit too much. I worry about spitting on people too. I have gotten to the point when my negative thought is attacking me I will up right tell someone you accidently spit on me. Sorry but sometimes the least we can do is acknowledge and let someone know in a nice way rather then you suffering and feeling like they don't care or wouldn't care. Of course it probably doesn't even help for them to say sorry! Sure doesn't really help me because I will feel the same! I got up to wash my hand and missed the rest of my last saturday class. I got all dizzy and felt like falling and took my time walking back to class. I hope none of you have jobs where you are constantly getting spit on. I have never met anyone in my life. Just me that has gotten spit on so many times! I think it is ridiculous honestly! I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one that feels like spit is the most disgusting thing ever and I don't like looking at my own or spitting on myself either! Lord! Wish spit didn't even exist or happen.

Suggestions for saliva phobia??
by: Anonymous

I am told by my counselor the more exposure to it the less anxiety. I think some of the only ways I can think of is trying not to think of it. Make sure when you go out in public especially a bar you are not sitting too close to anyone. If a stranger walks up to you and is too close and you feel uncomfortable simply tell them I am not feeling comfortable talking this close. I feel like sometimes to just come out and say, "Im sorry I have a phobia of germs or I have a phobia of people spitting on me that are strangers." I may end up doing that one day so I can stop living my life in so much fear and dread. Constant biting nails or using my hand or fingers to cover my mouth and face. If you are bad as me you will almost always feel spit even when its not there but you will of course truly know when someone spit on you for sure. We have to remind ourselves too that mostly it is an accident. My counselor suggested having someone I know spit on me one week, then the next and write about the feelings. She wants me to see how anxiety will decrease. If anyone has come up with some more helpful ideas let me know please!!!

Katie and other spit phobics.
by: Anonymous

HI Kate,
I don't really feel it is weird because I myself have a major spit phobia. I posted a comment about how I suffer from this. I got spit on in the summer on my face minding my own business in a bar/restaurant. I was super freaked out to go back to a bar. I went to drop of my friends bday gift last night and I consistently (pretty much have to put my hand on my face because I don't want spit on my mouth). I feel like I am violated if someone spits and it gets on my lips. I just don't want spit from a stranger. To everyone else who wrote about crying when they get spit on. I felt like crying when I was watching Giants game back in July trying not to think about my phobia and it gets on my face close to my mouth. I wanted to cry. It was awful! I still think about this and every time I get spit on. I think about the time and date and I will obsess and remember it for months, days, years. It's awful. I feel relieved that I am not the only one who is struggling. I did not last more then a few mins and felt more comfortable covering my face in the bar/restarant last night. I am at the point I basically told my bf I would understand if he couldn't be with me. I can't see this being something I will ever be okay with. I don't want to talk to someone especially not a stranger. I don't want anyone to ask me a random question who I don't know in fear of being spit on. Luckily I can focus on things and not think about it but pretty much yeah I said it. I don't like being spit on. Makes me feel awful and violated especially form a stranger.

spit phobia
by: Anonymous

it doesnt bother me to see someone spit, but is it still a phobia if you freak out and gag when your spit on or see someone spit in their hand or on someone else? my older brother makes me sick to me stomache spitting in his hand just so he can get a good laugh, while im sittin there tryin not to puke my guts out....

Yep terrified!
by: Destiny Elmo

I hate spit too! I cant french kiss at all and my boyfriend licked my face and I threw up. it is serious I get terrified. To make him understand I told him that spit to me is like having spiders crawl on me to him. (he has major Arachnophobia) but he still can understand. to torment me once he pinned me down and pretended to spit on my face and I started crying and gagging it was terrible. Why isnt there an official name for it? It seems that there are alot of people scared of spit for there not to be.

by: Anonymous

I hate spit as well, in fact, today I had somebody wipe someone else's spit on me and i ran into the restroom to wash off my arm. I had to break the news to my boyfriend about it as well, neatless to say he was unhappy, but doesn't care as long as i'm happy. -He's a keeper. Anywho, I am just like youm spit is the nastiest thing in the world. if It touches me or i smell it, I gag.

by: Spit a phobic

I can totally relate. Spit creeps me out. I cry when anyone spits near me. When i see it i start feeling nausious and feel the urge to throw up.

by: Anonymous

i hate spit, it totally grosses me out.
i was at a party once and my friends spit in my eye and i started crying.
my teacher spit on me when he was talking and i freaked.
it is gross. i think alot of people have a spitaphobia.
my friend has a nailaphobia, she hates fingernails and toenails and if someone picks at the she flips. kinda funny to make her made but then she will spit on me and i will like gag.
just sayin'

Me 2!
by: Anonymous

I work with children and they spit a lot when they talk. But just recently it really bothers me to the point where I wash my lips constantly! I want to overcome this.

it sucks (lol)
by: me too

but i want to know how to get over it
had any ideas offered?


I cant even look at my own spit.Talking about it makes me nauseous. I have 3 boys,2 of which went through a stage where they spit constantly when they were outside. I couldnt count the number of times I made them scrub the porch and sidewalks around my house.

by: Anonymous

I have the same exact phobia! And yes, I gross out on my own as well, lol! My husband licked my arm one time and I threw up (he believes me now!) I also can't eat food I have to chew too long and I recently got invisalign braces, boy is that a real treat! I have to really shut off my brain with those babies! Any other phobias? I have a real issue with whistling, but hey, why be normal?.....

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