Specific Phobias

Symptoms of Specific Phobias:

"I'm scared to death of flying, and I never do it anymore. I used to start dreading a plane trip a month before I was due to leave. It was an awful feeling when that airplane door closed and I felt trapped. My heart would pound and I would sweat bullets. When the airplane would start to ascend, it just reinforced the feeling that I couldn't get out.

"When I think about flying, I picture myself losing control, freaking out, climbing the walls, but of course I never did that. I'm not afraid of crashing or hitting turbulence. It's just that feeling of being trapped. Whenever I've thought about changing jobs, I've had to think,'Would I be under pressure to fly?' These days I only go places where I can drive or take a train. My friends always point out that I couldn't get off a train traveling at high speeds either, so why don't trains bother me? I just tell them it isn't a rational fear."

A specific phobia is an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. Some of the more common specific phobias are centered around closed-in places, heights, escalators, tunnels, highway driving, water, flying, dogs, and injuries involving blood. Such phobias aren't just extreme fear; they are irrational fear of a particular thing. You may be able to ski the world's tallest mountains with ease but be unable to go above the 5th floor of an office building. While adults with phobias realize that these fears are irrational, they often find that facing, or even thinking about facing, the feared object or situation brings on a panic attack or severe anxiety.

Specific phobias affect an estimated 6.3 million adult Americans and are twice as common in women as in men. The causes of specific phobias are not well understood, though there is some evidence that these phobias may run in families. Specific phobias usually first appear during childhood or adolescence and tend to persist into adulthood.

If the object of the fear is easy to avoid, people with specific phobias may not feel the need to seek treatment. Sometimes, though, they may make important career or personal decisions to avoid a phobic situation, and if this avoidance is carried to extreme lengths, it can be disabling. Specific phobias are highly treatable with carefully targeted psychotherapy.

Phobias aren't just extreme fears; they are irrational fears. You may be able to ski the world's tallest mountains with ease but feel panic going above the 5th floor of an office building.

There is a Way Out

Imagine what your life will be like when you know that you are not "defective". When you can be confident and at ease in situations where you used to feel your specific phobias. And when you can talk about your former symptoms as though you are describing a movie where the character is someone else, not you.

"For Every Thousand Hacking at the Branches...
There is One Striking at the Root"
-- Thoreau

The above Thoreau quote is really applicable to specific phobias.

There's something called the low road and the high road.

The low road is trying everything that doesn't work until you find the one thing that does. "Hacking at the branches". That's the road that I took.

The high road is taking the path that leads directly to the one thing that does work. That's the path that I hope you take, where you "strike at the root" and eliminate the source of your specific phobias.

The low road is not only longer, it is filled with potholes, speed bumps, obstacles and often what appears to be demons and dragons. It is full of emotional upset and unnecessary specific phobias and false hope.

The high road is smooth and easy, with assistance along the way. It's a trip free of specific phobias and fear. Of fulfillment. A trip that you take with confidence and ease.

How is it that people –like you-- got stuck taking the wrong road?

The answer is simple. You were given the wrong directions. Those "directions" were often given by people you know, love, trust and respect. And it wasn't intentional. It wasn't anyone's fault. Often you were just following your role model who was also on the "low road". The road full of specific phobias and fear.

The problem is that what has not worked to eliminate specific phobias...doesn't work, no matter how "logical" and well-meaning what you are told to do, practice and believe may seem.

Remember Thoreau--"For every thousand hacking at the branches...there is one striking at the root." The one giving directions to the "high road".

The High Road
An Amazing Discovery

Several years ago, a psychologist specializing in specific phobias and fears made an amazing discovery.

He kept up-to-date with all the leading therapies. And he tried them all. And in difficult cases such as anxiety, panic and specific phobias, the condition most resistant to a cure. No matter what therapy modality he tried, the cure rate was less than 5%. Oh sure, patients made progress. But it was only incremental. And therapy took years, not months.

Let's face it. It's possible that a small percentage of people would be "cured" even if left alone.

Then he made an amazing discovery and his ability to eliminate specific phobias and fears soared to over 80%.

What was the discovery? It was so simple, but nobody thought of looking there before.

Here it is, and it is called The Discovery Statement:

"The cause of all negative emotions
is a disruption in the body's energy system."

Note what he didn't say. He didn't say that it was in your thoughts, habits, beliefs, strategies or any other thing (although they do play a factor). Those are "the branches".

The energy system is "the root". And from this root the field of Energy Psychology was born.

Since this discovery, other innovators have emerged in Energy Psychology. And they offer solutions to difficult emotional issues such as specific phobias and fear.

A really nice feature of Energy Psychology is that in many cases self-help is sufficient. In cases where a therapist is desired or needed, therapy can be provided over the phone. And since not much talking is involved, the sessions are quick and affordable. For more information on a safe and effective way to eliminate Specific Phobias click here.

Does It Work for Everyone?

In a word, no it doesn't. It's not perfect. It only works about 85% of the time. But that is a radical shift from about 5% rate for some methods.

One thing that may interfere with it working could be alcohol or drug abuse. That would have to be dealt with first. But the same approach could be used for that as well.

Another thing that may interfere is energy toxins and food allergies. This happens in approximately 5% of the cases. In this case, one needs to eliminate these toxins and then proceed.

Another reason it may not work is that frankly some people are afraid to give up their phobias and fears. Their identity is wrapped up in it. They have had their specific phobias so long that they don't know who they would be without it. Fortunately, the same methods can be used to eliminate this fear first, should it arise.

Finally, some people just love to talk about their problems. That's one reason why some people may spend years in talk therapy. They love to have someone who cares about them listen to their problems.

Energy Psychology isn't about talk. It's about results. Fast, effective, lasting results.

A lot of talking about problems keeps people in the "stuck" state and is counterproductive. So people who really want to talk about their issues because they are not really ready to let them go may not achieve optimal results. People like this may be better satisfied with talk therapy, even if it means extensive sessions, much higher expense and a lower success rate. But it is what some people want and seem to need.

Don't get me wrong. Effective Energy Therapists listen really well. And with compassion. It's just that their focus is on the "root", not the "branches". You may feel like you have truly been heard for the first time in your life.

So Energy Psychology is not perfect. And it's not for everyone, perhaps only 80% or so of the population. Is it for you? Only you can decide. But it is worth a try. With the guarantees offered, the only thing you have to lose is your specific phobia.

Of course, success rates for elimination of specific phobias will be higher with a therapist. But self-help is amazingly effective. Especially with the improved methods and techniques of leading edge developers in Energy Psychology such as Dr. Silva Hartmann. This is why we have links to her ebooks on this site.

Specific Phobias are some of the most treatable of the anxiety disorders, responding really well to energy psychology.

There are a variety of treatments for Specific Phobias, including carefully targeted psychotherapy or medications. 

Energy psychology is an emerging method that is rapidly gaining favor because in studies it is shown to be rapid, safe, effective and long-lasting. For more information on a safe and effective way to eliminate Specific Phobias click here.

Specific Phobias can severely disrupt normal life, interfering with school, work, or social relationships. The dread of a feared event can begin weeks in advance and be quite debilitating.

Don't suffer needlessly. Don't wait any longer to eliminate this unnecessary suffering from your life. Learn more here .