Specialist Needle Phobia

Specialist needle phobia is an expert helping you get rid of unnecessary fear and tension regarding needles and injections.

Needle phobia according to specialists is a condition usually characterized by the vasovagal reflex action. It is a kind of frightening reaction marked by plunging blood pressure and sudden loss of consciousness.

Doctor Hamilton, one of the experts of specialist needle phobia is of the opinion that at least 20% of the entire population suffers from unnecessary fear of being pierced by painful injections and needles. Needle phobia according to Doctor Hamilton shows its real color just after puberty and is more noticeable in case of males in comparison to the female section of the society.

Doctor Hamilton is of the opinion that the role of a specialist needle phobia is of great significance. Specialists use nitrous oxide in combination with an oral anti-anxiety agent especially when the phobic condition is not so severe. Nitrous oxide is very convenient and safe way of treating needle phobias.

A specialist in needle phobia should be essentially experienced and skilled in injection and venipuncture. He should also be capable of handling phobic patients and eliminating their unnecessary fear of sharp pointed objects. The main job of the specialist is to make the phobic patient think and act reasonably.

However, if a needle phobic is well aware of his phobic condition he must communicate with his physician before being injected or pierced. A detailed psychological interaction between the victim and the doctor is necessary to avoid unnecessary complications.

Some of the common symptoms of needle phobia as specified by a specialist needle phobia are:

  • Fainting
  • Light headedness
  • Profuse sweating
  • Nausea
  • Cardio vascular depression
  • A sudden drop in pressure
  • Rise in any combination of several stress hormones

To be a specialist needle phobia demands specialization in dealing with needle phobic patients. The specialist should make the patient understand that there is nothing to be afraid of needles and injections.

Moreover, the psychological restructuring and reframing should be done in a way that the patient is fully convinced and there are less chances of further phobic relapse.

Treatment methods that are successful in treating needle phobia are NLP and Energy Therapy

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