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fear to post in online therads
by: Anonymous

this is actually a great thread.. well.. i do fear sometimes that something might go wrong .. a wried feeling which i get sometimes.. i fear to post blogs in foroums and blogs.. i am doing this with utmost fear .. still.. i am ... i just dont know what to say... well.. i am happy that i finally posted one... in the web. are there anybody like me out there ?

by: Anonymous

oh my god.I am the same as you guys,what the hell is wrong with us.Icant even go into a shop cos im scared.Sometimes its really bad and sometimes its ok.I hate the fact that i feel stupid and cant talk properly.And worst of all it scares me.

same here
by: Anonymous

im the same even with family, ill speak really fast or when i try talking a little slower i will jumble my words up and things will come out all wrong making me feel completely stupid. im 19 and its setting me back big time as i just dont have the confidence to talk to anyone any more. it sucks lol.

I have the same thing
by: Destiny

I have had this problem for a long time, the only people I can talk to normally are the ones that are really close to me. If I run into an old friend at the store or something I can't keep up the conversation at all, there is always an awkward silence and I tend to speak quietly to like I can't speak at a normal tone. I have failed at getting past the job interview many times because I just come off as stupid when talking to the person interviewing me. I practice and practice what I'm going to say but when I get there I go blank and it sucks. I'm scared of going in public because I'm afraid someone will talk to me and think that I'm weird and anti-social.

You are not alone
by: Anonymous

I feel the same way alot of the times. I'll talk so fast, I don't even finish my sentences and then go on to the next sentence and then don't finish it. I feel like I can't help it when I do that but I realize what I am doing but can't seem to control it. It makes me feel stupid like I can't carry on a conversation smoothly. But I can almost bet the other person can figure out the remainder of my sentences. I think we are too hard on ourselves and that what we think of ourselves is not what other people think of us. We are our own worst enemies. Hang in there.

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