Someone is always watching and voices in my head.

I live in a single room at school res.Sometimes I hear voices in my head as though some people are watching me or critically observing me like some specimen in a science lab.Even when I go to the bathroom there`s always that voice that will be saying something like `you see this is what he`s doing or gonna do next`.Sometimes its so intense I feel embarassed getting naked because it sounds so real someone is watching me and the telepathic voices are so audible.Sometimes I feel that maybe someone is using some form of technology to watch me because when Im at campus or library, I overhear conversations of people describing me and what I do and I filled with so much fear.I dont know of this is really happening or I attach everything I hear to myself.I however try to remain as calm as possible after I listened to Eckert Tolle on stillness. Thats what basically gets me thru when these things are happening.On the exterior everyone seems to think Im this great confident guy, but I wish these voices would go away and whoever it is stop watching me.These things were not there at one time so where the hell did they come from.I want my life back.Please God if you can hear me, I put my life in your hands, get me out of this.

I can beat the devil.

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