Some things in the sky freak me out

by Aleece
(Shreveport, LA)

I have always had a love for astronomy and weather related phenomena, so it's particularly odd to me that I would have developed phobias like I have. I remember when I was a kid the rainbows in sprinkler mists freaked me out badly, and as I got older, something about really huge rainbows really made my stomach sink. If the bow is faint or if I can watch it forming, it isn't as bad. But if I walk outside from work and bam-there's a rainbow - I want to hide.

Moon halos, sun halos, and sundogs are THE WORST. I can't even look at pictures of them hardly without feeling immense panic. Once I saw a video of a sun halo / sun dog phenomena where the thing stretched around the entire sky, and it terrified me. I remember one night after seeing a movie with friends I looked up and there was a big, HUGE halo around the moon and my immediate reaction was to bury myself in the backseat and hide. I had a horrible time driving home; the halo was so big that you could see the ring through my windshield and car windows.

The Northern Lights also freak me out, but thankfully, I've never seen those in person (and don't intend to).

I wonder if there's some "circle" phobia slightly related because also, when I see pictures of that huge "hole" in the ocean (Belize I think?), I feel overwhelming panic.

Sometimes I also feel panicked if there's fog and lights are reflecting in the fog, high up, like some weird disembodied illuminated...thing. yeah. That's what freaks me out.

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