Do You Suffer From
Social Phobia?

Social phobia better known as social anxiety is a condition exemplified by devastating anxiety and unwarranted social consciousness in day-to-day life.

Victims of social phobia are afraid to open criticisms and they are afraid that they may feel humiliated and embarrassed for their own stupidity in words and actions.

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When you suffer from social fear and phobia you remain constantly scared that others may take notice of you and judge your actions, which you feel, most of the time dull and irrational.

Social phobia is dangerous as it largely affects your work and existence. What is more distressing is that you know that your condition of fear is irrational but you are not sure of how to rid yourself from the anxiety.

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You constantly worry – go on worrying and finally you fall sick. In mild forms, societal phobia stays confined in certain activities like speaking in public or conversing with new and unknown people or while drinking or eating in presence of others.

In severe cases, you just cannot control the fear. You start shaking whenever you have to face social situations.

Societal phobia ruins the quality of your life. Most of the time, you don’t feel like working or going to school. You even find it difficult to mix with friends and family members.

Some common symptoms of social phobia

  • Inability to speak

  • Tremendous sweating

  • You start blushing in front of others

  • You shake, you tremble and you feel completely bewildered

  • There is discomfort in your stomach

  • You feel queasy and sick

Once, you are able to identify the symptoms of social fear or phobia you become more tensed. You don’t know what to do. Slowly you become addicted to alcohol and drugs and you start suffering from relentless depression.

Cases of social fear and phobia are more discernable in the female section of the society. The disorder starts in the childhood and aggravates before you reach the age of 25.

Studies concerning the animal world have revealed that conditions of social fear and phobia are to a great extent hereditary. This implies that social phobia is a gene related disorder.

Some researchers opine that biochemical reactions are responsible for the onset of social phobia. Moreover, based on several facts and information it is likeable for you to state that this particular phobia is caused due to several psychological and hormonal disorders.

However, you also cannot deny the influence of environment in the growth and advancement of societal phobia.

Some people copy the behavioral traits of social phobia from others. This is generally referred to as observational learning or social modeling.

Treatment of this phobic condition
Certain medications and cognitive behavioral therapy are used in treating cases of societal phobia, but there are some doubts regarding the success and effectiveness of these treatments.

Role of NLP self-help techniques in treating conditions of social phobia
Do you know how self-help NLP techniques work in treating cases of social fears and phobias? If you do, then you can easily get rid of the apprehension of facing social situations in life.

With the help of these self-help techniques , you create reality where you attempt to relate positive thoughts and ideas to what you do or think in life.

This way you bring about a transformation in your mental “constructs” and feel confident to say, “Yes, I am no longer a victim of social phobia”.

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