social phobia

by katherine pillot
(bronx ny)

My phobia is to talk to people i don't know.I don't ask questions,I don't tell people when I feel uncomfortable
Example: I went for a hair cut the lady cut my hair very bad and very short but i dint say nothing and just paid and left..this happens to me all the time I am always scared of what people might say. And here comes my phobia of going out by my self. I live in NY and when i get appointments i always look for someone to come with me because even if i take the bus im scared to even stand and press the button for the bus to stop..If i don't find the place im scared to ask...I was embarrassed a lot when i was small by my step dad he abuse me in every-way when i was smaller so i think this might be the reason...i also have ocd.I need help i wanna be like every one else I dont want to feel this way...

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