Social Phobia Versus Social Anxiety

The topic social phobia versus social anxiety pitting two psychological conditions ‘social phobia’ and ‘social anxiety’ against one another might astonish you.

Actually, if not you alone, just about everyone grew up to the idea of social phobia being synonymous to social anxiety. Recent findings, however, uphold a completely different view.

Case study based scholarly debates on social phobia versus social anxiety have ruled out any links between the two.

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Defining the two conditions will make things easier for you. Social anxiety disorder (SAD), as it has been named, is the fear or apprehension of failing to put up best in social situations and events. People suffering from social anxiety disorder, fear being negatively judged by others.

Although a wee-bit comfortable with near ones and known situations, their inner restless or anxiety is almost all pervasive. It keeps drubbing them – something that furthers their discomfort.

In fact, the overly conscious self sees too much into a situation, something that leads to their undoing.

Thus, a man who fears public speaking is too tensed before a scheduled meeting in apprehension of being censured.

His heightened sense of anxiety provokes him to skip the meeting. Even if he attends the meeting, he is very confused and invariably commits blunders.

A social phobic or Agoraphobic, on the other hand, senses insecurity in unknown company and is never at ease outside his own circle. Panic swings overtake a social phobic when out in the open, and this, not out of any fear of failure or criticism but out of feeling unsafe having left the zone of comfort and safety.

The precise analysis put forward by the social phobia versus social anxiety debate has brought to fore the fact that though social phobia (like all phobias) represents a near-permanent chronic sickness that is rarely curable, social anxiety promises a sure cure.

Cognitive-behavior therapy, whereby the patient is prepared to cope with and overcome irrational fears and anxieties is perhaps the best treatment.

By instilling (rather installing) self-confidence and self-esteem in the anxiety victim, the Cognitive-behavior therapy declares social anxiety a winner in the social phobia versus social anxiety war.

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