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Phobias, ancient are they not.
by: Diane

When you mentioned sand, I figured you do not live in Southern California, the west coast or eastern seaboard of the US.
Every fear comes from our ancient ancestors. I mean real ancient. We used to live in trees, the fear of heights from the actually the fear of falling. Because we were not on the top of the food chain.
Germs, again ancient. There was no way to prevent illness, So, we tried to stay away from other who were sick

Fear of being closed in. Once again our brains have retained that fear. Fear of what other warring parties surrounding us.

All of our fears, which causes anxiety all comes of areas of our brain which we retain.

It has taken us 2.3 million years to get to here, yet our ancient brain is still active.

You really have nothing to fear. Remember it is your ancient brain going into overdrive.

But, your ancient brain can also save you. Why do you think us humans, and other animals have fight of flight. That was developed when we were reptilian.

God Bless, and remember what FDR "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself"

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