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Skunk Phobia

Before talking about skunk phobia, see whether you can identify this creature or not. “I am odd, I am strange and I have two black stripes on my back. I have a bushy black tail with a white tip and small front teeth end, five toes with long claws. I weigh about 6 to 10 pounds and I am mostly found in Canada and United States.

I make my habitat in desert, woods and suburbs and I prefer to roam about at night. I like to eat insects, grubs, small mammals and eggs of ground nesting birds. I hibernate in winter and I am at times harmful to humans.

Who am I? Yes, you got it right, I am a skunk. But why do you have skunk phobia? Can you explain?

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Skunk Phobia Release

Humans have skunk phobia due to specific reasons. Often skunks spray their enemies as a way to defend themselves. This spray is a chemical composition of sulfur compound called N-bulymercaptan.

However, this chemical can make humans blind. Don’t worry, this does not mean that you would become blind for the rest of your life. This makes you panic and you want to run away from the creature.

What should you do if you are suddenly attacked by this spray? If the chemicals enter your eyes, you should flush them out as soon as possible. If the spray touches your skin, it should be cleaned with carbolic soap and water, tomato juice and vinegar.

Please don’t accuse or avoid the animal. It is natural for you to get afraid but skunk phobia? It’s too much. Skunks can be helpful for you as well. Stripped skunks eat rodents like mice, squirrels, moles and annoying insects that are capable of causing damage to your belongings.

At times skunks get easily attracted to dog-foods and cat-foods kept by you at the doorstep. When they come to have a share, they easily get involved with a fight with your pets and O gosh! what a mess they make with their spray. Thus, you always tend to keep yourself and your pet away from this living black white combination.

It is true that the animal is irritating at times because of the chemical it sprays and also as the carrier of the rabies disease. Therefore, the equation says skunk + rabies = skunk phobia. Now rabies, what it is? It is an acute infectious viral disease of mammal. It attacks the central nervous system.

It is transmitted to people through the bite of an infected animal. Rabies is characterized by choking, convulsions, inability to swallow and several other symptoms. Therefore, a fear of having rabies can cause skunk phobia.

Skunk phobia is a sort of psychological abnormality that affects individuals to such an extent that they may start behaving insanely even at the mere mention of the name. You should treat skunk phobia as a disease but never let it be the cause of your downfall in life.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the form of treatment most suitable for skunk phobia.

NLP Self-Help will teach you how to deal with the fear within you. NLP will make you learn from your fear rather than exhibiting stupidity.

NLP changes the way you react to specific situations. It helps you to be more rational and face reality as it is.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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