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I know how you feel
by: Emma

Look, I am 12 years old and I have had this phobia since i was nine. This story might not make sense but here it is: It was my best friends birthday. She wanted to go to an amusement park. It sounded fun. I had been reading this book that was about world war two. It was horrible. On the day of her birthday, I finished it. Oh God. It was awful. A six year old girl had been killed by Nazi's and I can't even say the rest. Anyway, I went to my friends birthday and we lined up for a ride. It took ages and we asked why. They said somebody had vomited on the ride and they were cleaning it. We were next. Oh and just my luck we got the vomit carage. It was wet and smelly and oh the horrer!! During the ride I don't know what came over me. It had tears in my eyes and i was thinking about that book. I couldn't talk for the rest of the day. Now ever since then I have had this huge fear of vomit. I don't want to go on school camp because i'm scared others will vomit. I know how you feel. :(

I understand you!
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry to hear about the reactions of others to your phobia! I know how paralyzing the whole fear thing can be... having had several phobias myself, and also having been very afraid of vomiting myself. I don't know if it will help you, but for me it made it easier to just try and understand what exactly it was that I was afraid of in each thing. I know I've been afraid that I can't get any air and will choke, or that I'll embarras myself by vomiting in public and that everyone will stare at me, also the fear of the taste and the general look and of others vomiting is very familiar to me. The things you are afraid of in this particular thing may be different though. Talking to an understanding friend, who has had to deal with vomiting due to migraines has helped me. For sure it doesn't help that your dad is being like that about it, I suppose he never had a really intense fear so that he'd understand what it was like. I feel like more than watching those youtube videos you need an encouraging friend to talk to- maybe someone who shares your fear and understands what it's like. I take what you say very seriously, I know it is something that just is so real that you feel like it's not possible to not be afraid. I know 100% that you will be able to lift this fear, and I send you all my support with your work. You've started off really well. Try and find people that you can talk about it with, I know your phobia is quite common, and lots of people will need someone to talk to as badly as you do. I really hope you find the support you deserve!

All my love

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