Sidonglobophobia - Fear of Cotton Balls

by brittanY

Ello people :D i'm Brittany and i'm 15. So i'm not exactly sure when it started but i have had this terrible fear of cotton balls. I am constantly made fun of by kids at school because of it and some kids will even throw them at me just to see if its true. Some of my teachers would even tell me i was being rediculous. i don't know how to explain to most people how they make me feel but ill try!
So one of the things that happens when i am simply in the same room or thinking about them is my hands will suddenly become extreamly uncomfortable like the milddles of my hands cringe and feel as if they are made of cotton (just my palms). Also i get extreamly huge migranes. When i hold a cotton ball (against my own will of course)my hands start to sweat, itch and shake sometimes and i feel as if im going to faint. also i start hearing silence the kid of silence that comes right before your ears start to ring even in a load room. now if i ... squeeze a cotton ball... i will start to shake, hyperventalate, sweat, and the silence in my ears is replaced with the sound of the cotton ball (cotton balls do have sound! it sounds.... more like the feeling of your ears when you head nails across a chalk board.... and the feeling.. in a way is the sound...) sometimes my legs will give out if im standing up too. :/ im i the only on with this?

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