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me too!
by: Marina

I have the same fear!
I can't stand staring at them! Nobody believes me when i say it!
It must be that we are all used to live in big cities where there's pollution and consequently less stars.

me too!
by: Jane

I also have this fear of stars! Just walked home, looked up and there they are! I tried to make myself stand and enjoy them, as I have done so many times, but I felt such dread and panic that I began to cry! I'm 50 years old and have been a teacher for 30 years, so not much scares me! It's just that they're so far away and there are so many - infinite numbers - that I feel so so so small.

by: Anonymous


I have the same fear, Ive never met or heard anyone that is afraid of the stars. Ive had this since I was a child. Its a horryfying feeling. They are so far away, it freaks me out and it doesnt get better.
Take care.

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