shower phobia

by justin

when i was younger i got locked up in a juvinile detention
and was forced to share 3 showers. Anyways i was locked up with kids from all over, some stank so were just plain grose. so they gave us sandals to shower with, well this one time i got robbed of my sandals and was forced to shower with out them!! i found that while in the shower i was standing on the sides of my feet. 10 or so years later i noticed one day in my own shower that i was standing on the sides of my feet. i must have been doing it all these years and never noticed. Now i have found that i cant put the flat even in a new or clean shower, "it freaks me out". Like try to hold my feet down in a shower i'll knock you out. Anyways i dont know why or what it is but thats my phobia and im stickin to it.thanks for letting me share.

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