How To Release Shaking Hands Phobia

Shaking hands phobia, originally a form of social phobia can be illustrate as lack of self-confidence.

Jan Heering

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If you suffer from shaking hands fear you would definitely dare sudden or even arranged encounter with strangers both in professional and personal spheres of life.

The fear of shaking hands is just one particular social phobia variety and the others may include fear of:

  • Visiting parties
  • Public speaking
  • Conversing with others
  • Expressing opinions and views
  • Falling in love and dating
  • Using public toilets
  • Shopping
  • Meeting someone of high authority
  • Eating, writing and performing other activities in presence of others
  • Talking over telephone

What exactly happens in case of shaking hands phobia? How do you feel or what exactly goes on in your mind?
Prior to the meeting you start thinking, “how am I to talk with a person who is absolutely unknown to me?” “What am I to speak?” “Oh god what will happen if I don’t get him right?” “How the person would react if incase I fail to express myself?” “I can’t get over my anxiety and what will the stranger presume if he finds me nervous and my hands trembling?”

Such internal queries will surely disrupt your normal flow of thoughts and prevent you from being rational.

Some common symptoms of shaking hands phobia are:

  • Being timid

  • Feeing shaky

  • Sudden loss of words

  • Increased heart rate

  • Trivial and rapid breathing

  • Sweaty palms

  • Feeling of sickness

  • Stressed muscle

  • Parched throat

  • Pain in the stomach

  • Feeling giddy and dizzy

  • A feeling of self doubt and hesitation

  • A negative form of self assessment for instance “I am being ridiculously funny”

  • Problems in concentration

  • Afraid to face criticisms

  • A feeling of running away from the situation

The effects of shaking hands phobia
Shaking hands phobia can also be termed as a condition caused due to an unreasonable tendency of hating dirt and always worrying about being infected with germs.

As soon the victim extends his hand to shake, he becomes self-conscious that the hand of the other person may be extremely dirty, polluted and full of harmful microbes.

Such an unnecessary fear of being contaminated in the process of trying to know someone can definitely make you unsocial.

Now, this is ridiculous for you cannot expect everyone to wash their hands before shaking hands with you. It is a kind of mania, which should be properly treated before conditions become too worse.

Treating this unnatural cause
The best way to treat shaking hands phobia is to become aware of your abnormal psychology and try to bring about a major transformation in your thought process and behavior.

You can treat shaking hands phobia with the help of Neuro Linguistic programming.

My NLP self-help phobia release course course can replace your negative “constructs” or “program” of the mind with something positive and sane. It will definitely make you think and behave differently.

Therefore, it is time now that you should shake off your prejudices and bid farewell to shaking hands phobia.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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