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learing to manage

after I had my son eli on january 2nd, 2009 My doctor could then start trying on all diiferent types of meds and the side effects of each one, most of which would have been too dangerous for the baby. I'm on 5 meds for anxiety, bipolar, add, depression, all that social and emotional crap. if you are qurious about how my drug therapy is working, or if you want more info on the meds, or anything you can posty comments, or email me at TYNYBUBZ At YAHOO.COM
all drug therapy is controversial and doesnt work for everyone, but i'm willing to share my progress and additional info with you or anyone out there. you don't need to keep your thoughts inside! i can take anything you think. i don't make sense. i know i'm crazy.

by: Anonymous

i feel you!

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