Severe Fear of Blood Tests

by Nicole Lorraine

I have an extremely severe fear of blood tests.
My mother, today told me she was going to get one, next thing i realise my face is wet with tears, i didnt even realise i'd been crying!

Then the panic set in, i could barely breathe and it took her shouting my name for me to calm down.
i have never had a blood test, and being 16 am coming into the age where i will HAVE to have one.

I always think how nice it is to give blood, knowing you've saved someones life, my mum has needed a blood transfusion in the past but just the thought of blood coming out of my body through a needle makes me panic, writing it down on here now is making my breathing faster.

I have no idea where this phobia came from and have no clue as to deal with it.

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