Severe Bug phobia Bug In my ear

by danisa
(providence rhode island usa)

I'm 14 years old im alice Beatle: I was camping about summer of 2011 and while i was sleeping i felt something crawling in my ear i got up and screamed to the top of my long as long and hard as i could like my legs are being sawed off by a serial killer i screamed its a bee it was in my eardrum all i could hear is load buzzing and it felt like something was stinging my actual eardrum it was the loadest thing i ever heard. my screams were so severe everyone crowded and my parents were crying it was the most painful thing i have ever expiereced in my life my mother drowned it with oil i felt it shaking and squeeling and buzzing when i stopped i was crying then it shoke and i screamed agian till the air in my lungs couldnt handle it. it was buzzing and being quiet then buzzing agian. after it was drowned.i felt like i was going to faint after having a bug phobia already the ambulance came tried to drain it out in the campsite it wouldnt come out i felt deaf in one air i was semi passed but counsious my ears felt like they were bleeding we arived to the er they stuck a rod all the way at the end of my ears i was screaming and sqeezing the nurses hand that i hurt her this was going on for about 13 minutes they also drained my ear with numbing stuff but i still hurt like shit. the doctors looked suprized i felt dizzy my mom was amazed and cried and hugged me they told me if i wanted to look at it i told them "No I dont no i dont." the dotors told me it was a beatle and it was almost 2 inches they didnt understand how it fit in my ear they told my the bug almost tore my eardrum i had scratches my ear hurt for about 2 weeks. this incdent increased the phobia to 1,000 percent.

my whole life ive dealt with bugs i had a fly infestation because something died and i came home to 300 flys when i opened the door and i have a fear of flys due to a past expierence before that. i fainted and my parents were trying to get the flys out so they can help me wake up agian i took an hour long bath. this was before the beatle incident.

florida trip after incident roaches: Figuring i was forced to have a stay at a roach infested house i refused to sleep for 2 weeks straight seeing roaches i wanted to hang myself i started halicinating after a week of sleep deprevation. my mom had no choice. i wanted to sleep in the car but i didnt think it was the safest idea i will never go to florida agian its a roach filled state all the houses ive been to in floria has roaches. this also increased my phobia.

roach: when i was little i had a roach problem in my house i was used to it but i was tramitized. untill the age of 8 when i moved out of discusting states and moved to a suburben area happily without roaches.

ants 2007: I woke up to ants in my bed Me leaving candy in my room. really big ants about 100 they were easy to kill and i was freaked out.

After math i still cry till this day about the phobia i cannot hear a fly buzz another phobia i cannot be around any bugs i still cry about the bug in my ear incident tramatized there was a point that i wore ear muffs to sleep in my 100% bug free home for 2 mounths.
i still think about the bug in my ear incident every single day knowing that anyone will not have an idea what kind of pain i went threw.
i will rather kill myself then to be around anybugs for a long time.

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