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5 Day NLP Phobia Release E-course

Yes, your phobia can be cured; it is because I have successfully cured many former phobic patients. I understand your anguish and completely empathize with your painful phobic experiences.

I assure you as the Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute, Amsterdam, as well as a mental coach, psychological trainer and author that you can
cure yourself
of this dreadful disease.

Having conducted an extensive research and in-depth study about phobia related psychological problems, I have come up with a unique self-help e-course.

Suffering from phobia can be very painful both for the one who has to live with it as well as his/her loved ones. Who knows better than you do about how your phobia destroys your life, your relationships and your day-to-day activities. The pain, suffering and isolation you have to go through is to say the least, unbearable.

Many treatment options for phobia claim to treat the disease with medicines but are not always successful. This is because medications can only suppress the symptoms and not treat the disease.

Successful curing of the ailment needs psychologically inclined treatment options. The curative methods that are described in the 5 Day NLP Release E-course are psychologically proven and are testified by many phobic patients, who no longer ‘feel the fear’.

nlp for phobia

My e-course as a 'fear - phobia release specialist' is ‘to help you-with your assistance’ because I believe only you can cure yourself.

These treatment techniques are based on NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. In NLP the root of phobia is considered to be based in the erroneous assemblage of your mental codes.

When successfully exposed these programs are "re-programmed" by NLP, which in turn causes change in your unconscious mind thereby curing you of your phobia.

The techniques are unique because you could perform them on yourself. Moreover, it is extremely easy and is not too time consuming either. The 5 Day NLP Release E-course contains 9 exercises and each of these exercises is potent enough to liberate you of your phobia and fear.

You do not need to perform all the exercises to get positive results, doing any one can give you relief. Further, each of the techniques described in the e-course can provide a permanent solution.

At last, there would be no restriction of your activities because of your fear; you can experience the freedom that you have craved for always.

However, even if you do have an attack you can take care of it immediately. You just have to use one of the easy techniques described in this e-course.

Price: $ 19.95

Release Your Phobia. Fast and Easy!

Jan Heering
Master Coach
Founder and President of Morpheus Institute

Adventures In EFT

Dr Silvia Hartmann

From Self Help to Professional Use, this one manual will save you $$$s in medications and therapy. Easy to use, information packed and highly acclaimed, this is how to do EFT easily for GREAT results.

Not only is it amazingly effective, EFT is reliable - it works time and time and time again.

"Adventures In EFT" is now a great self help "cook book" - you have the basic recipe, lots and lots of special ones for all occasions and at the end of the day, you can create your own recipes for YOUR OWN LIFE.

Adventures in EFT covers:
a. Totally Overcoming Anxiety, Fear And Panic
b. Your Perfect Weight, Your Own True Health And Beauty
c. Performance In Work And Pleasure
d. Helping Your Children
e. Getting Long Deserved Money Success
f. Breaking Free From Your Addiction Demons
g. Getting Positive And Pro-Active About What You Want In Life
And more

Stop Anxiety

Release Your Phobia!
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