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i hope your fear is cured
by: Anonymous

Im the person who wrote to you ``Helpful Info``. As I cannot find it on the comment board, however, I fear you did not get it. It was full of helpful info on how sharks are important and how we need sharks to live. I also talked about how some sharks do swim in freshwater but shark zones are protected by shark nets that are routinely checked. Also, note that sharks only attack when their back is hunched. Slowly exiting the water will prevent the shark from thinking your injured or out to kill it. If done calmly, the shark will find you to big a threat and swim away. If you punch a shark in the nose or gills, it will swim away. Of all the hundereds of species, only one is a maneater. Its attacks can be prevented through these methods. Last but not least, never eat shark meat, shark fin soup, and ``rock salmon`` a name fish and chip stands in Britian call shark to get people to eat it. These can harm or kill, children, elderly people, pregeant people and their unborn babies. This is the closest to being injuried by sharks most get. For more helpful info go to ``save our sharks`` or SporeKing5 on youtube

helpful info
by: Anonymous

All though I am 12, my friend has endlessly bonbarded me with shark facts that could help you(im not kidding.You could look this up at ``Save our Sharks). First of all, some sharks do live in fresh water, but most are harmless. Almost all shark attacks are in the ocean or murky water(by the way,more people die each year from coconuts falling on there heads.Seriously, they do). Of all the many sharks in the world, only a few are classified as aggressive.Among this, only one is classified as a maneater(not the great white). This the Bull Shark, the only shark that can swim in both fresh and saltwater. Being but one spieces among many, however, it is not to be worried over. The sharks keep the food chain in check. They prevent overpopulation and exticition. Without them, the ocean`s food chain would suffer an imbalence that will destroy their food chain completley. Once their`s is destroyed, our food chain would follow. We would suffer mass extiction, dangerously high overpopulation,which would result in the extiction of plants with some being eaten to death while others will overpopulate to the point where the soil can`t support life. Because of this insects will starve and all would die,including the bee,whose honey cannot be by us to use helps plants live.We will die somewhere along the way.The ocean makes up 75% of our oxeagen.Things that could replace the ocean or sharks are centeries into the future.The author of ``Jaws`` once had Selachophobia. One day he was swimming in the ocean when he encountered a great white. He closed his eyes, got ready to die, then opened his eyes and watched it swim away.After that, he loved sharks. For more info, go to my friends youtube account SporeKing5.

by: Ro and Dru

We understand about that fear. We're attcked by things every day.

I know how you feel
by: Anonymous

Your story sounds so much like mine, I went on that same ride. My friend made me watch Jaws one night at her house and I was really scared, I started crying and found it hard to breathe. Now, whenever someone mentions sharks, I start shaking. I am frequently teased about it, especially since I live in England and nowhere near the coast, people always say 'why are you scared? Youre never going to see one!' But its the thought of it. Whenever I see one, I have a panic attack. Just to say- you're not alone!

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