school phobia

by Janet

it started last year my freshman year my stomach would always hurt i hated school and i felt sick and got sick often and i missed alot of school. school got out and summer started everything went away i was perfectly fine until a week before school started. i think it might have gotten a bit worse i get mad and shake a bit at the mention of the word school or anything having to do with school. the day before school started i got home from san fransisco and my mom mentioned school at that exact moment my stomach started hurting i felt like throwing up dizzy like crying and mad that i started talking a bit louder and not being to nice. that night i couldnt sleep and i woke up in the middle of the night and felt like crying and really bad enxiety that i felt like i was shaking a bit, angry that i had to go. because of this i went to my moms room and slept there for the remaining half o=hour i had of sleep. i had already been awake for an hour and a half not being able to fall asleep. i havent gone and seen anyone to help me with this but i will ask my mom to take me soon. My mom also thinks it because i just dont like going to school and that im just complaining but i havent told her why i dont want to go. Also school just started scaring me. no one was bullying me or anything. also last year i begged my mom for homeschooling and she didnt let me so im still in public school.

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