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Same Fear
by: Anonymous

I struggle with this now that I have moved out and gotten married. I used to feel okay if there was at
Least one other person with me, but now even when my husband is in bed with me I still fear someone is going to break in and kill us, and that I won't be able to get to the gun in time. It is horrible at night and is ruining my sleep, and sending my stress levels through the roof. Have you found a remedy or solution?

Animals Help!
by: Anonymous

I have had similar problems for many years now, and they don't seem to be going away. I sleep downstairs in the front room with my mom every night. The fact that my bedroom is upstairs makes my fear so much worse. Usually my dad is gone on the weekdays and my mom always sleeps downstairs and I have never slept upstairs by myself. On nights that my mom isn't home, though, I'm forced to sleep alone in our old two story house in the middle of the country. One thing that really helps me, though, are our two inside cats. I also let our outside dog in. This really puts me at ease. I don't know if it's just because of the simple fact that there are other living beings that I love there with me, or because for some reason I feel like they protect me. Either way they give me courage and help me through the night. So, one thing that I would suggest you do is buy a pet. You'd be surprised by how much it helps.
Another thing that seems to help me is leaving the lights on or leaving the TV on.

Identical Story.
by: Anonymous

I used to think I was the only one who had this, thank-you for sharing your story.

12 years now
by: Denise

I have put my son to sleep every night for 12 years now since he was born. He has never gone to sleep without me being there next to him...and we have tried. The irrational fear of the dark is definitely genetic for him. His father, aunts and his grandfather all have the same thing. Melatonin has helped tremendously...settles his mind so he can relax and fall asleep. Without it it may take two to three hours for him to fall asleep.

by: Anonymous

This is the same thing happening to me. I'm so sick of begging people to come pass the night with me, its becoming embarassing. I just need help because I'm now 23yrs old and I can't sleep alone at night. I'm so scared, pls I need help!!!!!

Identical phobia
by: Orla

Have you found anything that helps? It's really affecting my life and stress levels...would reallyt appreciate if you've found anything...

Stuffed animal
by: Anonymous

If you are alone in your bed and you can't sleep you should find a substitute. You should buy a big stuffed animal and pretend that it is a person. I do understand that may sound stupid but you could try or use it as a last resort.

figure this out?
by: Anonymous

Your story matches mine pretty much to the any advice or solutions ?

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