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I understand
by: Anonymous

I wasn't able to take pills til I was 16 or so. I would put it in my mouth and just couldn't swallow it, I'd gag and then it would taste bad and I was never ending. I finally got to where I could use a drink with a straw and put the pill on the back of my tongue and suck my drink thru the straw and swallow pills so now years later I can take a hand full at a time if I need.

how to swallow pill
by: Anonymous

hey! i am scared of this too, but not too extreme. i had a throat infection once and i had to take this big green pill. i started a tantrum, i was extremely afaid. my mom got mad at me but once she calmed down she caled my grandma to see if she could help calm me down. she said i should eat a banana and swallow it will the pill. i tried it and i swear ididnt feel anything.

help :D
by: Anonymous

maybe you should try smashing the pills and say, mixing them in water. or cut them in half or fourths or however small, and hide them in your food. Hope you dephobiasize ur self :D

This is what i shall do, yu may try :)
by: Anonymous

Heey , i have the same exact problem. Im 13 twoo, and i cant take pills no matter whaat. I am going to try

1. pudding
2. bread
3. banana
4. bottle of watter because yu have to lift yuur head back
5. cold milk, it tasts bitter so you want to get it down fast
6. put it in cupcakes or cake
YUMMY :) good luck !!

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