Scared To Death Of Throwing up!

by Naketa
(Villa Rica,Ga United States)

My name is Naketa im a 26 year old female,and im scared to death of throwing up. I wont go near people who is sick,and I never over eat because im scared it will make me sick. I hadnt threw up in about 11 years until I got this Virus last year,and let me tell you i thought i was gonna die! I had the baddest panic attack ever!

I never understood how I got this way,and would give my left arm to be rid of it! Its good to see that im not alone nor am i crazy. My sisters husband is 28 and he hasnt threw up since he was 12. How is that? He says its impossible for him 2 throw up!

I take like nausea pills everyday and i need help...Wish i had help!!!! Its severe with me I cry and worry bout this day in and day out!!! How can I ever get over this or will i ever get over this?

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