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I know the feeling all too well.
by: Anonymous

I'm 26 years old and I have had a fear of throwing up for years. I thought I was getting better until I got the stomach virus in 2006 and it came back with a vengence. I'm scared to death every night that I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night and throw up and I'm scared when I'm in public or on stage singing with my choirs at church that I'll throw up right then and there. It's a horrible fear and it makes me miserable. I think fearing anything else might be tolerable but this is horrible because it's not something that can be controlled. Like if I feared spiders I could run from one when I saw it and that would be that but because I fear something that happens to everyone at some time or another I feel that I can never be free from it because I can't control it. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I hate this.

finally I overcome it
by: Ahmed

Im 27 , I had a similar experience when i was 22 , I moved to a new place , alone , in remote city (due to my new job) , My dad got me there & left . late night I woke scared & throwing up , worst PANIC ATTACK ever , I thought I'm going to die .
the whole night I kept vommitting & having panic attacks .
till last month (after 5 years) , whenever I feel sick & want to throwup my body fights & I have a very bad panic attack .
after around 3 attacks & 3 visits to ER , I learned to handle my Panic Attacks (really they still Hard) .
last month I had a very case of food poisoning , I went to ER as usual , and while having a strong attack in the waiting area , <> , But in a second I got better .
I was so weak , cold , but feeling good.
Throwing Up is your body's last defense line to get all whatever upsetting you out .
if I had to choose between long session to panic attacks & throwing up once , I will go with the second

Rockmart Girl with Emetophobia
by: Victoria Truelove

I'm a 12 year old girl with emetophobia. Like one day, this kid just threw up in my science class and I ran to the other side of the room and refused to go back to my desk until it was cleaned and thoroughly sanitized. And i go to Rockmart Middle School, where the incident took place. And my friend Breash mistook it for a nervous breakdown. Don't laugh, I'm a schizophrenic girl with emetophobia. It's just... ughhh!!

by: Anonymous

I have the worst fear of vomiting. I am 11 years old and i have a serious condition. I started to get scared to throw up at the first day of 5th grade. i went to the nurse at 1rst period because i thought i was going to vomit. thats how it started. Every morning i would cry to my mother and ask her not to take me to school. i stopped eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, NOTHING. I lost so much weight that my mother took me to the doctor. they said that i was severly dehydrated and i might have to go to the hospital. 1 immediatly started pannicking. My mom said that i would have to start eating in order to not go to the hospital. I went to literally 6 phsyciatrists and nothing helped. finally, one phsyciatrist that i really liked gave me a medicine that would calm my head down. She also gave me prevacid, a medication that stops your stomach from hurting. the reason my stomach hurt was because i never ate anything and the stomach acid was eating my organ. it was PAINFUL. to this day, i started eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks to the pill that i take every night. I still am scared to death of vomiting, but that doesnt come to mind that much when i forget about it. I could've dies. LITERALLY. the pill saved my life.

Me Too!
by: Anonymous

Hey, I had to post - you sound exactly like me! Every day I wonder how much longer I can go on with this all-consuming fear. Knowing I'm not alone does help, but I feel so sad for everyone who feels like me :(

Your fear
by: Renee'

Hi There,

I can relate to your fear because I too fear the same thing. I havent vomited in ages but I still fear it so I do as you do and I don't eat a lot at one time. I stick to small meals and eat frequently. I love junk food and I eat that a about you? Your welcome to email me anytime if you want/need to talk. I'm at shesaldy at


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