Scared to close my eyes in the shower

by Maryann
(Alberta, Canada )

Hello ever since i don't know a couple month ago or maybe its been longer and I'm just noticing it now because i'm older, i have been deathly afraid to close my eyes in the shower.I use an acid base clenser on my face and as soon as I close my eyes I open them up and I get acid in my eyes and it's effecting my sight. It's not just that though once I closed my eyes in the shower and I fell down and had a panic attack! usually when I close my eyes for more than 5 seconds I started breathing heavy and will curse. I don't know what I'm scared of but I think somethings watching me when I do close my eyes in the shower and its only in the shower if I close them lets say before bed I'm fine. Not only am I scared of closing my eyes in the shower I am also afraid of swiming in lakes where it is dark and you don't know whats in them. I freak out every time I do either one and it gets annoying,I would really like to put a name to this phobia maybe that will put me at ease. I don't watch many horror movies and I don't think Freddie is going to stab me I just feel like something is watch me and I'm scared of it.

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