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I have photographic images of something in my bathroom
by: Anonymous

Im scared to close my eyes in the shower because when i close them at all to wash my face i see photographic images of something bad happening so i can't at all close them. I imagine dead people, robbers, someone stabbing me, etc it freaks me out :/ sometimes i think im going insane. Im only a 16 year old girl. Is this at all normal?

Worst Fear
by: KaciMarieDehl

Showers are my worst enemy's. I still shower regularly but am afraid to close my eyes. Also, I hate to look out the curtain because I think that if I look out there, then when I go to look out it, someone will be standing there

me 2...
by: who knows

I am afraid to close my eyes in the shower because in my mind I think a man or woman will come in the bathroom and try to kill me.

me again
by: AnonymousF

My conclusion is usually just stare your fears in the eyes and after a while, it happens. I have a phobia also of roaches but hey who doesn't? But, the other day my 28 year old retarded self finally killed one with an empty soda don't even know how much better I finally felt after killing the roach and I killed one last night with a broom. Getting closer to my fears is helping and killing the scary bugs, makes me feel almost cured. so weird it has taken me years to get over phobias of bugs, darkness, and death. Maybe we should all just be like the monkeys, you know, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Maybe we watch to much TV. That probably didn't help either lol.

by: AnonymousF

It's funny. I'm almost 30 years old. I am a female, and I just decided to look up maybe a reason why I have all my life been scared to wash my face in the sink in a closed bathroom. I would get soap in my eyes because I really couldn't keep them closed or I would panic. Even now, I still can't do it. I don't know what it is about that, but I see there are a lot of you who share the similar problem. I also still don't know the answer. I also used to be a lil' OCD but I'm also a rebel and if I turned in the shower left once in a half or whole circle, I would have to turn back the same way I came because it was like I was winding myself up, and when I turned back, I went back to normal. I must have been very superstitious. Now, I just do whatever is comfortable. I have found out what that is, and I still get scared, which makes me laugh at how ridiculous I sound. But, it never hurts to ask and do research. Good luck everybody. At least we are all alert and on our toes.

can't close my eyes
by: Anonymous

I recently developed this fear after knowing that my mom saw a ghost in our house. (I sensed the presence months ago but never seen it) So whenever I'm in the shower, I feel like if I close my eyes, I'm gonna see it when I open my eyes. somehow I manage to wash my face but shampooing is really challenging. worse thing is I'm afraid to close my eyes in the night as well. Even though I feel sleepy, I can't bring myself to close my eyes. By the way, I'm not making up the ghost story.

closing my eyes
by: Anonymous

i also have a hard time closing my eyes in the shower. i figured other people had this too bc of scary movies and whatnot or bad experiences. for me i have my daughter in the next room in her playpen while i shower and it freaks me out bc i cant hear whats going on or if shes ok. before i had her though, i always pictured a little creature or a murderer just standing there in front of me when i opened my eyes. every time. i rarely take showers anymore bc of this and if i do im paranoid poking my head out at any little noise or just weird feeling, i also scare very easy, my fiance takes advantage of this every time im in a room alone he will come in quiet as a ninja and just wait for me to turn around and find him and it doesnt help anything hes probably making it worse. i had to stop watching so many scary movies also. glad im not alone in this.

by: Anonymous

in manchester we don't get much daughter is araid to closes her eyes after watching a doctor who episode. what advice can i give her?

Scary pictures in my head.
by: Miranda

I'm mostly afraid of closing my eyes in the shower because once I watch or see something even moderately scary, it's always embedded in my head. So if I try and sing or try and think happy thoughts I always end up opening my eye, gasping for breath, terrified something is waiting for me. This has become a severe problem for me, because I have naturally oily skin, so it needs to be washed more than other skin types. I now have really bad acne, but I know I cannot cure it, because a lot of acne advice is: to wash your face, which I cannot do.
If any of you know any good solutions (not music or happy thoughts) I'd be very grateful.
Age: 13.

Hope this will help?
by: Maggie

I have that fear, too. Well... along with some others. To help with my fear, I keep the shower curtain open enough so that I can poke my head out easily and see someone there. I also lock the door of course so no one can get in. I keep my eyes open, too and am very careful about making sure the shampoo doesn't get on my forehead.

Me 2!
by: Anonymous

I don't no why but I cannot close my eyes in the shower. It used to be so bad that I didn't even take showers. But I never told my parents. I just started working on it about 2 years ago. I just try to tell myself to be calm when I'm washing my face. I can now close my eyes for 30 sec. I also play music in my bathroom. It helps to calm me down. If you cant wash your face without hurting your eyes try a washcloth. Just put the cleaner on one part of your face at a time, rub it in, and then take the wet washcloth and wipe it off :)

Shower & dark water
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same fears, i cant close my eyes for a second in the shower without my heart starting to race 100mls a sec, id rather get soap in my eyes than close them. The fact of being nude makes it worse, you feel more vulnerable. And if i get in a river/lake etc. and i cant see the bottom i FREAK out, my heart, adrenaline and anxiety has an overload and i kick and swim as fast as i can to get to dryness, i guess i always picture a HUGE snake below me or a dead body floating near me, either way its a TERRIBLE fear.

ME TOO! I'm scared of being transported somewhere.
by: Anonymous A

I'm scared of closing my eyes in the shower at night. This is because I'm scared the bathroom will be transported to a different time or place that's scary when I open my eyes. I'm scared when I open the door, I'll be in a different place or a scary person will appear. I think its called Reduplicative Paramnesia

by: Anonymous

I become scared of closing my eyes while I was washing my face ten years ago, shortly after the death of a friend. It's not so bad these days because time heals.
Anyway, I dealt with it at the time by washing and rinsing one side of my face at a time, so the other eye would remain open. It was all I needed to not let it interfere with my life too much.

fear of closing eyes in showers
by: Albert

You are the first person I have ever heard of who has the same fear of closing my eyes in the shower that I used to have in my 20's.

I had some other irrational fears at the same time. I was stationed in the USAF at a base 27 miles outside of Fairbanks Alaska. I had to be on alert status 24 hrs a day every day for 19 months.

I finally figured out that I was depressed and that the Depression was the cause of all of the irrational fears I had at that time. I came to realize that I was depressed because I had no control over my life, I was in a place I hated and that I couldn't get out of the situation until my 18 month tour was completed.

I started to reclaim some of my power over my life. The first thing I did was to buy a plane ticket from Alaska to my home town. I went fishing and hunting with my roommate (This was irresponsible because if a war started I needed to get to my work station in 30 minutes. I don't encourage any dangerous or illegal behavior.

As I became more active and felt less bound by all rules my fear lessened and when my tour was over and I left Alaska and the military, all of those irrational fears went away.

I hope that I have said something helpful.

by: Anonymous

This happens to me too! I guess I think that someone will rip open the shower curtain when I'm not looking and hurt me. I think the whole 'being naked in the shower' thing makes you feel more vulnerable than usual.
I've never had a panic attack over it but I definitely avoid closing my eyes in the shower. Which can be tricky but for me it's not the end of the world.

closing eyes in the shower...and orcas
by: tomilei

Well I have the same symptoms but mine includes orcas. Yes Orcas, killer whales. I am pretty sure one might be around if I close my eyes in the shower or if Im swimming somewhere, specially in places where the water is dark and I cant see anything. Sometimes, depending on my stress level and self-confidence, I will feel its right behind me.

So I guess when I read your post I said to myself: Hey me too! And maybe I am able to put the finger on something more symbolic within my frightening experiences and you have yet to identify an element in your own thoughts when you are scared.

closing eyes
by: Anonymous

Maybe the inside or behind your eyes contains a scary image.something embedded in your memory that you see when you close your eyes. Like the unknown beneath the surface of water is a clue. try lying comfortably in the warm soothing sun and close your eyes and see the colorfull spectrums dancing on your closed eyelids from the sun on your lids. this is pleasant and soothing and the images in your head that make you fear, will not be available, just the specks and designs from the sunlight from the rays on your for me.

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