Scared to be alone in a bathroom

by tasha
(bradford pa)

ok for as long as i can remember i have been Scared to be alone in a bathroom. then i got pregnant and my fear of the bathroom has gotten alot worse. when i half to got to the bathroom i usually have a friend go in with me. when nobody is home or i don't have anyone to go in to the bathroom with me i do what i got to do like really fast and run out of the bathroom and to the nearest person. i have fallen down the stairs so many times but coming out of the bathroom, and i have ran in to things by just wanting to get out of that room. if i go in to a bathroom alone i usully think that something is going to try and kill me or hurt me even when i dont think about that i feel like someone is watching me and i get really claustrophobic and feel like im losing my mind. am i just going crazy, or is this an actual phobia or not. if this is a phobia is there a way to cure it?

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